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Here To Help

The Light In Your Corner


Let Me Focus On The Admin, So You Don't Have To

Tired of that overwhelming feeling you have when there’s too much on your plate? Do you constantly feel like you’re running into that infamous brick wall trying to operate your business(es) AND live your life but getting nowhere? The Assisting Agent just may be what’s needed to pull you out of that cold-dark-tight space. Giving you your time back to focus on the revenue-generating tasks for your company, The Assisting Agent focuses on all the administrative and operational tasks that keep your business running smoothly. Serving as the competent and consistent support you need and freeing up your time, which allows you to have a healthy work / life balance.


Giving You Your Time Back



Comfort + Convenience

Great for the small dark areas that need improvement within your business.



Electric + Portable

Great for flexible business needs, short or long term.



High-intensity + Uniform

Great for obscure business improvement needs, revised structure, processes, & procedures.

Mylanna Warren | Founder & Fractional COO at The Assisting Agent |

Meet Mylanna

Your Next COO

Mylanna is an Indy West-side native who graduated from Northwest High School with honors and UIndy with her bachelor’s degree in Accounting. After years of experience in various fields and industries, she has since expanded her entrepreneurial wings by opening an administrative and operational management agency in 2020, The Assisting Agent. The agency’s mission is to serve women-owned businesses, conducting their backend work that allows the business to operate while the owner focuses on income-generating tasks and living!


Take Their Word For It!

The Assisting Agent has been my go-to for most of my clients’ support. My is organized, provides clear communication, and always has solutions. Over time, she has helped implement processes and procedures to avoid customer service issues and minimize errors within my organization. Being deadline and detail oriented the way she is, I never have to ask her to do anything twice. I love working with her because she is very responsive, and I will continue to refer her and work with her. She over-delivers every time!

Jaleesa Joseph, Digital Marketing Specialist, Founder at The Elephant Agency
Jalessa Joseph | Founder at The Elephant Agency |

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