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Who Is The Assisting Agent?

After years of research, event attendance, and brunches to build a network of women business owners to connect + collaborate with, My realized something major was lacking - reliable and competent support for women business owners, especially of the BIPOC demographic. Baffled by her realization, My took it upon herself to fill this void in her community - hence the birth of The Assisting Agent in 2020.

Through her networking experiences, My learned that a lot of women consumers felt they could not depend on various women-owned small businesses to provide an acceptable customer experience due to the feelings of being rushed, lack of customer service, and an overall feeling of not being cared for as a supporter. Upon further discussions, My learned that a lot of women business owners did not have consistent, competent support in running their businesses therefore they were not able to exceed their customers’ expectations. This would, in turn result in losing business, increasing feelings of overwhelm and struggling to get through their day-to-day operations. Not to mention the damage it is doing to their mental health and personal life priorities.


Coming to terms with understanding her fellow BIPOC women business owners were getting a bad reputation for trying to survive the entrepreneurial game as best they could with the resources they had, My saw fit to use her professional career experience to benefit other BIPOC women business owners with administrative and operational business support.


Our Goals


Get You Organized.

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to keep a clear head and grow your business when there are too many things out of place. Once you partner with The Assisting Agent, we highlight the areas that are overshadowed within your business. We clean up your backend processes, internal business functions, & SOPs just to name a few. Making your business ready to function at its most illuminated potential.


Keep You On Track.

With competent and consistent business support you will stay on track. This gives you the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead. No more playing catch up.


Balance Your Work-Life.

Eliminate that overwhelming feeling of falling short in all areas of your life. Your business priorities and life priorities won’t have to suffer once you are well supported.


Who is My?

After years of climbing every corporate ladder you could think of, I finally took the chance on myself. I decided to stop treating my side hustles like hobbies and had to make it make sense for my peace of mind and the life I envisioned myself having.


As a woman of many talents and interests, being organized is a must in my life. As I investigated the entrepreneurial options I could pursue, helping other women run their businesses gave me great excitement.

Discovering the lack of real-life support for businesses owned by women drove me to make this a commitment in my journey and vow to never let another woman down.


Mylanna "My" Warren | Founder & COO at The Assisting Agent |

Favorite Color

Deep teal

Favorite Food

Salad (No, really.)

Favorite Music Genre

90s R&B has me in a chokehold

Favorite Random Fact

I’ve broken both my wrists (at different times)

Favorite Quote

“My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.”
- Warsan Shire

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